Heat Pumps

Keep warm with a heat pump

The most obvious benefit of a heat pump is the warmth that is embraced with open arms on a chilly day or evening. But did you think about the other beneficial facts, for instance, it’s the safest and cleanest form of heating with no dust or smoke from fires. The mechanics and filters within a heat pump improve air quality taking out dust, odours, mould spores hence purifying the air providing a cleaner healthier way of heating, much appreciated by those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Heat pumps provide a constant heat that is safe, unlike a fire, with no hot surfaces for children or pets to touch. It’s very versatile, not only does it act as a heat pump in winter but an air conditioner to keep cool in summer. All up, heat pumps are thermostatically controlled machines that are very easy to use and cost efficient to run. They can be set to turn on and off at different times of the day and provide a clean form of heating.

Couch in a domestic setting with heatpump

Not sure where to start?

No one heat pump fits all situations and the biggest is not always the best. However, don’t stress our experienced team want to take the hassle out of this decision by offering a free no obligation visit to your property. Here we take the opportunity to discuss exactly what size and model will best suit your area. The expertise of our team provide you with an honest assessment and provide you with a free written quote.

Jack Refrigeration sell, install and service two leading brands in heat pumps/air conditioners, Panasonic & Daikin. We know these two trusted brands work extremely well in the Southland climate, rate well with energy star ratings and come with five years warranties on parts. However, if you have a favourite brand let us know we can source other brands when required.

Servicing your heat pump

We also provide servicing of heat pumps which is important to the running and overall upkeep of your heat pump. Bookings are essential – contact us today.